Disputes And Debt Collection

Becoming involved in a dispute is always traumatic and requires careful handling, coupled with swift and robust action where necessary. A detailed knowledge of both the County Court and the High Court rules is essential in order to make the most of the tactical weapons available in the litigation armoury.

All our solicitors are experienced in dealing with a huge variety of disputes, whether in the High Court or the County Court, and regularly appear before the Judges in the local courts. A sharp letter from solicitors followed if necessary by Court proceedings can often work wonders in obtaining payment of overdue debts. We can provide a cost-effective debt collection service, whether on a one-off basis or for a whole series of debts.

General Litigation

The enforcement or defence of your personal rights requires common sense as well as legal expertise. We take a pragmatic view of all the situations we are consulted on, and offer constructive advice as to whether litigation through the courts is the best option. If so, we pursue our client’s case in a resolute manner. Alternatively we may advise that Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) would be appropriate. Our experience extends to all the major courts, as well as the specialist tribunals used in areas such as employment claims.

  • Consumer complaints
  • Contract disputes
  • Employment claims
  • Claims arising from Road Accidents
  • Personal Injuries

Personal service and attention to detail are the most important features of our service to commercial and private clients alike.


We believe that the most appropriate way of settling disputes is by exploring all avenues to reach a commercial settlement and resorting to litigation only if necessary or if it is your preference. If there is no alternative then we will endeavour to remove as much stress as possible out of the litigation process through agreeing a strategy with you with which you are comfortable. To achieve the best results for our clients we will first endeavour to understand your required objectives as well as the facts behind the dispute. It is often the case that our clients wish to preserve a commercial relationship, and our mediation and negotiation experience can often help in these circumstances.


No matter how efficient your credit systems are, you cannot control the way in which other traders operate. Our debt recovery team has many years’ experience and understands the need for prompt action to maximise the potential of recovering debts on your behalf.

We pursue debts from small sums to large amounts. We advise on the procedures necessary to obtain judgment and on how to enforce judgment. This may include a warrant to the Sheriff or Bailiff, a Charging Order, Order for Sale, or Insolvency Proceedings. If a debt is contested, we advise on the procedures necessary to test the defence and will obtain a judgment quickly or carry on to an early trial date.

Whether the recovery process relies on traditional court or insolvency proceedings, our specialists have the required expertise to ensure that the most appropriate action is taken. Our aim is to ensure that you receive payment of your debts in the most cost-effective and timely manner possible, in order to allow you to continue trading with confidence.

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